bihar board class 12 english chapter 3

Bihar Board Class 12 English Chapter 3 A Pinch of Snuff Objective Question Answer | Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks

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Bihar Board class 12th English 100 marks


A Pinch of Snuff

1. A Pinch of Snuff is written by……

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar

(B) Germaine Greer

(C) Dorothy L Sayers

(D) HE Bates


2. …… is a humorous story.

(A) The Artist

(B) A Pinch of Snuff

(C) A Child is Broni

(D) The Earth


3. Nanukaka in a linguistic emergency always to his……

(A) Mother tongue.

(B) Hindi

(C) English

(D) French


4. The second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was……

(A) The Welfare Minister

(B) The Home Minister

(C) The Foreign Minister

(D) The Railway Minister


5. Nanukaka was coming from Delhi to see some……

(A) ministers

(B) doctors

(C) friends

(D) governors.


6. Nanukaka took out his cheque book and write a cheque for……

(A) five thousand rupees

(B) two thousand rupees.

(C) a thousand rupees

(D) three thousand rupees


7. …… went to the minister in Jodhpur coat.

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar

(B) Shiga Naoya

(C) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(D) Mahatma Gandhi


8. Ratiram was the son of …….

(A) Sohanlal Ratiram

(B) Mohanlal Ratiram

(C) Devanlal Ratiram

(D) Herolal Ratiram


9. Nanukaka managed to travel in 2nd Class on a ticket of……

(A) 1st Class

(B) 3rd Class

(C) General Class

(D) Sleeper class


bihar board class 12 english chapter 3

10. Nanukaka went to the …… Auto Dealers.

(A) Sikka

(B) Rikka

(C) Mohit

(D) Alankar


11. The portfolio of the minister is the

(A) Welfare

(B) Home

(C) Railway

(D) Finance


12. Whose announcement shook Manohar Malgaonkar (the narrator)?

(A) mother’s

(B) father’s

(C) sister’s

(D) brother’s


13. Who doesn’t see people for weeks-months?

(A) Teachers

(B) Businessman

(C) Ministers

(D) Engineers


14. Who are regarded as two steps higher than God?

(A) Ministers

(B) Teachers

(C) Doctors

(D) Philosophers.


15. Who took a pinch of snuff ?

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar

(B) Nanukaka

(C) Rahman

(D) John


16. Who had installed Nanukaka in Malgaonkar room?

(A) his mother

(B) his father

(C) his sister

(D) his brother


17. How many day’s leave had been taken by Malgaonkar?

(A) Three days

(B) two days

(C) four days

(D) five days


18. Who returned mumbling colourful Marathi swearwords?

(A) Nanukaka

(B) Manohar Malgaonkar

(C) Alok

(D) Rupa


19. Who spoke another series of Marathi expletives ?

(A) Manohar Malgaonkar

(B) Nanukaka.

(C) Mohit

(D) Rajesh


20. Who has a garnish yellow sports car ?

(A) Ratiram

(B) Sohanlal

(C) Matiram

(D) Ghoturam


21. For what-purpose had Nanukaka come to Delhi?

(A) for attending Zamindars convention

(B) for paying the debt.

(C) for writing an application

(D) for taking a rest



22. Nanukaka wrote a cheque for a…………. rupees. [2018A]

(A) thousand

(B) hundred

(C) five hundred

(D) ten thousand


23. The mother in A Pinch of Snuff was waiting at the ………..for her brother. [2021A]

(A) room

(B) gate

(C) doorstep

(D) verandah


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