bihar board class 12 english chapter 6

Bihar Board Class 12 English Chapter 6 The Artist Objective Question Answer | Class 12th english 100 marks

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Bihar Board class 12th English 100 marks


The Artist

1. Seibei was passionately interested in ……..[2020A]

(Choose the correct option)

(A) toys

(B) gourds

(C) fruits

(D) muic


2. Shiga Naoya is a …… writer. [2019A,2020BM)

(A) Japanese

(B) Chinese

(C) Indian

(D) Bhutanese


3. Seibei reads at …….school.

(A) Primary

(B) High

(C) Middle

(D) +2 school


4. The price of the five inches gourd is…

(A) ten sen

(B) five sen

(C) nine sen

(D) eleven sen


5 .The porter sold the gourd of Seibei for …… yen.

(A) 40

(B) 50

(C) 60

(D) 10


6. The curio-dealer sold the gourd to a wealthy collector for …… yen.

(A) 500

(B) 600

(C) 1000

(D) 100


7. The Artist is ….

(A) an essay

(B) a poetry

(C) a short story

(D) a drama


8. The Artist is written by ……

(A) Germaine Greer

(B) Shiga Naoya

(C) Anton P Chekhov

(D) HE Bates


9. Seibei was a …… Japanese boy.

(A) ten years old

(B) eleven years old

(C) tweleve years old

(D) thirteen years old


10. Seibei was a twelve years…… boy.

(A) Indian

(B) Chinese

(C) Korean

(D) Japanese


11. What did Seibei apply to get rid of the upleasant gourd smell?

(A) tea-leaves

(B) banana-leaves

(C) neem-leaves

(D) tulsi-leaves


12. Gourd is a ……

(A) fruit

(B) vegetable

(C) grain

(D) sweets


13. Who used to polish the gourd under his desk in classtime?

(A) Seibei

(B) Meibei

(C) Reibei

(D) Seibei’s friend


14. Who smashed Seibei’s gourds to pieces.

(A) His father

(B) His mother

(C) His sister

(D) His brother


15. Who was scolded for painting pictures?

(A) Reibei

(B) Seibei

(C) Seibei’s sister

(D) Seibei’s brother


16. The old woman asked …… son for the gourd.

(A) ten

(B) five

(C) fifteen

(D) 12 (twelve)


17. Seibi would examine the ……. as soon as he got up. [2021A]

(A) gourds

(B) painting

(C) books

(D)  food


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